Resident Quality Engineer

Company Name:
MSSL Wiring System, Inc.
Job Title: Resident Quality Engineer
Job Description: Resident Engineer representing MSSL Wiring System, Inc. at a customer location in the Springfield, Ohio area to serve as a liaison between MSSL Wiring System and the customer assembly plant.
Principal accountabilities include:
Work with a wide range of truck wire harnesses and electronic truck parts.
Research, repair, evaluate, install, operate, and maintain products, equipment, systems and processes to meet customer requirements.
Generate and communicate statistics reports of zero mileage.
Verify that engineering designs meet MSSL Wiring System specifications, customer specifications, and supplier specifications.
Review documents in order to facilitate correction of errors.
Investigate, troubleshoot and coordinate immediate containment actions for all MSSL Wiring System responsible quality issues within the customer location. This could include performing the actual sort and repair of all non-conforming products.
Coordinate efforts to resolve or provide alternative solutions to engineering, production, design and manufacturing issues, such as: safety and compliance issues, design and manufacturing errors, BOM structure, etc.
Confer with engineers or other personnel to improve methods and processes or to provide technical information.
Communicate MSSL Wiring System corrective and preventive actions, using Quality 8D tools.
Assist in communicating and facilitating MSSL Wiring System driven engineering change notices (ECN), create and communicate customer driven ECNs.
Investigate damage, defects, or malfunction of MSSL Wiring System parts.
Assist MSSL Wiring System with production scheduling, forecasting, and delivery to customer location.
Assist in warranty claim investigation and resolution.
Provide information pertaining to MSSL Wiring System manufacturing processes and material handling.
Provide input/feedback for all prototype validation (i.e. design, manufacturing, delivery, quality, etc.).
Work with MSSL Wiring System suppliers on design, quality, and delivery issues.
Occasional Travel to MSSL Wiring System supplier locations and alternate customer locations.
Job Location: Springfield, Ohio 45502
Education Required: B.S. in Electrical or Electronic Engineering or foreign equivalent education.
Experience required: 2 years. Field: Electrical or Electronic Engineering.
Other requirements: Occasional travel may be required.
Resumes to: Attn: Mike Jocola. 8640 East Market Street, Warren, Ohio 44484.

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